Friday, March 1, 2019

An Old Cell Phone and a Chromebook

My daughter was working on a video for school. She wanted me to help with the editing, but I knew my PC editing options were kind of limited, since I haven't invested in video software. This means I'm stuck with the free Windows Movie Maker, along with a very capable free version of Lightworks. This was a music video, and I know how to make them in Windows Movie Maker, but I wanted the higher resolution of a Lightworks, which didn't work for me.

Basically, I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to cut the without also cutting the adjoining audio in Lightworks. This meant having to drag the audio out of the way each time I wanted to make a cut. I'm sure I was missing something simple, but the program isn't really all that simple to use, and I always feel like I have to relearn every time I fire it up.

While I worked in Lightworks (and made dinner), my daughter decided to give it a go on her Chromebook. She used the video from her phone, an editor in the Chromebook, which was the same program from the Play Store. Maybe the editor was on the phone. And she had audio from somewhere that she was syncing to the device. I had run out to the library to get the CD in order to extract the song she wanted.

In the end, by the time I finished dinner, she was mostly done editing on her two devices, and I had yet to make two of over a dozen cuts, knowing the rest would be just as complicated. I gave up, figuring I could cut something else on my high-powered program on my high-powered PC eventually. It might take me a long time, but I can get good results. But for a class project, her results are just fine, even if the audio is weird, since she had to play the song as a narration.

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