Friday, March 1, 2019

An Old Cell Phone and a Chromebook

My daughter was working on a video for school. She wanted me to help with the editing, but I knew my PC editing options were kind of limited, since I haven't invested in video software. This means I'm stuck with the free Windows Movie Maker, along with a very capable free version of Lightworks. This was a music video, and I know how to make them in Windows Movie Maker, but I wanted the higher resolution of a Lightworks, which didn't work for me.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Bad Investment in Windows Lappies

A local private school made a bad investment. Since it's a private school, there might be a reason for the poor expenditure. Perhaps a parent of several enrolled children was selling the PCs. Maybe there was a fund that needed to get used up. Perchance, someone in administration got a kickback. But the result was, nevertheless, more money spent, even if the only reason was dinosaur-teachers who wanted their Windows security blanket. Let's look at the damage.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

99.9% Improvement

We've heard, not surprisingly, that a new customer reached out to the makers of the Cranium Chromebook Cover to acknowledge 99.9% fewer problems. While the math may not hold up to statistical analysis, the point is well taken. 

Any Chromebook case or cover will limit the breakage rate. Maybe some won't work as well as the Cranium, but all of them add a little more protection. When you think about the total price, even after added protection, the Chromebooks still end up being a good value. If it can be 99.9% breakage free, then these little lappies are way better than the competition.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Still Nothing Besting My Cranium

I'm at a convention as I write this. Several people have their devices. Though not all of these are Chromebooks, I see basically the same use of protection in schools. I have my Cranium, but the other people here seem to have other ideas about what protects their devices the  best.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Curry High’s Beta Club Ready to Fix Problems

Everyone was all smiles in the photos at Curry High School in Alabama. And for good reason. The Curry High Beta Club helped raise money to purchase 50 more Chromebooks and carts. These Chromebooks will be put to good use in the classrooms.

Colonial Heights Public Schools - Chromebooks Are Almost Disposable?

Diapers are disposable, and for good reason. Once used, they stink. And they don't serve another purpose. Colonial Heights Public Schools in Virginia will soon be getting Chromebooks, which are cheap compared to other devices. However, the following statement should make taxpayers worry just a bit:
"The computers are only $185 per device, which is another reason we’re doing this, because they’re inexpensive,” Tillman said. “It’s easy to replace them, it’s easy to insure them, and if they break, they’re almost disposable."

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bainbridge Island Got The Chromebooks Half Right

I just talked to a tech guy from a school district in Kansas that said he was most interested in the Cranium covers because his school district didn't want full cases. Cases can be cumbersome, and kids take the Chromebooks out all the time. We've recommended a sleeve and cover system here before, and that's what we'd tell anyone who asks. Bainbridge Island recently got this half right in their distribution of Chromebooks.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Exact Fit, Always On Chromebook Covers and Cases

This is not about a single always-on Chromebook cover. I just wanted to address the concept of exact-fit and whether it's right for you.

Boulder Valley's Pay As You Go Plan

Students in Boulder Valley, Colorado, will be assessed a $45 yearly fee in order to pay for Chromebooks. At the end of four years, the devices will be owned by the students. On the surface, this seems like a reasonable fee to pay: $180 for a Chromebook. What parents and students need to consider, however, is protecting that investment.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Chromebook Insurance

We've seen several insurance plans for Chromebooks. Some school districts think that this is the way to go because it's kind of hands-off. In fact, I know of one of the largest school districts in the country (located in Wisconsin) that snickers at trying to protect Chromebooks because of the insurance plan it has. Frankly, that's sad. Does having car insurance mean you can drive like a maniac? Does having life insurance mean that you tempt death? Just like any other insurance, Chromebook coverage is a way for a company to make money off your schools, which means insurance will cost you more than just fixing the Chromebooks yourself.