Monday, February 12, 2018

Bainbridge Island Got The Chromebooks Half Right

I just talked to a tech guy from a school district in Kansas that said he was most interested in the Cranium covers because his school district didn't want full cases. Cases can be cumbersome, and kids take the Chromebooks out all the time. We've recommended a sleeve and cover system here before, and that's what we'd tell anyone who asks. Bainbridge Island recently got this half right in their distribution of Chromebooks.

Students got some kind of sleeve or case, along with a strap for carrying. They were also warned that stuffing the Chromebooks in bags is the way they are broken. BUT, why are they being stuffed in backpacks? Because no one wants another carrying case to wear. So a small sleeve or case gets jammed in a backpack. That's what the Kansas school wanted to avoid.

Again, a solid cover will help protect the Chromebook even when students jam them in their bags. Even when students forget the carrying cases altogether. Breakage rates, mostly due to screens, is usually 30%. This percentage decreases with screen protection.

Think about it. You don't wear a fanny pack for your phone. You put a decent hard case around it and stick it in a pocket or purse. Chromebooks deserve the same.

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