Monday, April 3, 2017

Exact Fit, Always On Chromebook Covers and Cases

This is not about a single always-on Chromebook cover. I just wanted to address the concept of exact-fit and whether it's right for you.

The best part of an exact fit, always on protector is that you know it will work without wasting material or your device sliding around. The only exact-fit case or cover that is also permanent is the Cranium, but you can find others that mention how they snap on or are made to stay on all the time, like the soft cases that allow you to use the device while unzipped.

The main problem with anything that's exact-fit and always-on is that it cannot be used with another device down the road. This is especially true of the hard case covers. While the Cranium can be upcycled, most of these exact-fit products are just garbage. The soft cases MAY fit another similarly-sized Chromebook, but these soft covers already make getting to usb and power ports difficult, so reusing them with other computers might not be an elegant solution. 

Remember that skins and sleeves might be exact fit, but skins don't protect at all, and sleeves don't protect when the Chromebook is in use. That's why skins might be always-on, but there's no real point. Sleeves are almost always off the device.

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