Monday, April 3, 2017

Boulder Valley's Pay As You Go Plan

Students in Boulder Valley, Colorado, will be assessed a $45 yearly fee in order to pay for Chromebooks. At the end of four years, the devices will be owned by the students. On the surface, this seems like a reasonable fee to pay: $180 for a Chromebook. What parents and students need to consider, however, is protecting that investment.

A broken screen will cost maybe $100 to repair. Insurance to protect against this kind of repair will cost $25 a year, or $100 over the four years. You could maybe get a Cranium Hard Case for $16. Or a soft case for around the same price. In the photos I saw in the local Boulder newspaper, students had nothing protecting their Chromebooks. All it takes is one accident, however, and those cool decals won't do anything to protect the computer.

There are many snap-on hard cases available, as well. They might break more easily, but they will probably protect the Chromebooks at least once, making them worth a look. The main point is that parents need to consider how best to protect their investments.

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