Tuesday, March 7, 2017

amCase 11.6 Inch Chromebook Sleeve

The amCase sleeve/case allows any 11.6 to 12 inch Chromebook to fit inside its protective cocoon. This product has more than 4 stars on Amazon, and it's a simple accessory that works. The ad claims it has a
Slim, sleek design [that] allows this case to be carried solo or fit in your favorite bag.
I would agree that it's much less bulky than many of the briefcases I've seen weighing students down.

The biggest drawback of the amCase is that it cannot protect the Chromebook once in use. However, for $10, I'd get one of these to go with my Cranium or Ipearl.

Even though this product does not claim to be waterproof, one reviewer noted,
It has proven to be immune to the light rains that it has experienced.
Generally, people are impressed by the quality for the price. But that's because it's a simple bag with handles and foam padding. Sometimes, simple gets the job done.

Cheap can be a problem when it comes to zippers, as another Amazon buyer notes:
Biggest problem is the front pocket zipper sticks very badly, requires such force to zip open/close that it seems likely to just break soon.
We'd say it's probably good enough most of the time, and the handles seem to be a bonus over some cheap cases.

Chromebook Case, amCase 11.6 to 12 inch Sleeve/Case for Acer Chromebook 11, C720, C720P, C740/ HP Stream 11 / Samsung Chromebook 2 /Macbook 12/Notebook Laptop Protective Neoprene with Handle (BLACK)

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