Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Skins as Covers for Chromebooks

I'm only mentioning skins on this website because someone out there will make the decision to purchase one, thinking it will protect the Chromebook. Skins are not made to do anything more than add a layer of vinyl that looks cool. Decalrus makes it clear in its description and in an image that
This product is NOT made of rubber, silicone, gel, or plastic.
 However, some might believe that because human skin protects our bodies, Chromebook skin should protect the computer. From scratches, maybe, but this is not going to do much real protecting. However, if you are not really concerned with breakage of your Chromebook, then these are cool-looking. Since they add little weight, the laptop stays about the same size. When you throw it in a backpack, pens and keys will scratch the skin instead of the plastic of the computer.

We do not recommend skins as protection for your Chromebook. If you have a carrying case and are fairly careful, these can make you think your Chromebook is something classier. The screen will still bend too much and other damage can occur, but it's not like the thing cost you so much in the first place.

When I was teaching at a high school, teachers and students invested in these instead of real protection. Their devices broke as often as the others, but it was more about form than function, so that's what they wanted.

Decalrus - Matte Decal Skin Sticker for Acer C720 Chromebook with 11.6" Screen (NOTES: Compare your laptop to IDENTIFY image on this listing for correct model) case cover MAT_AcerC720-320

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