I am a former teacher who has worked with high school and middle school students. Starting in 2003, most of my high school English assignments were online. In 2013, my school district went 1:1, and I taught in that environment for two years, as well as a short-term subbing job in a middle school.

I learn of schools all the time that have made the choice not to protect their Chromebooks, often citing the cheap replacement or insurance costs. Since I see that as a wasteful view, I have created this website in order to give Chromebook owners an overview of the choices that exist in covers, cases, sleeves, and protectors.

Because I successfully taught ELA using computers in the classroom, I can use those experiences in discussing techniques that other teachers can use. I have also developed ELA and social studies curriculum for middle schools that use Chromebooks. Often, the assignments are not much different.

As we attempt to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn to the best of their abilities, Chromebooks can be a useful tool in engaging those young minds. However, kids can be frustrated when the devices are cumbersome to use or break easily. Covers and cases for Chromebooks can help. 

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