Saturday, June 23, 2018

Still Nothing Besting My Cranium

I'm at a convention as I write this. Several people have their devices. Though not all of these are Chromebooks, I see basically the same use of protection in schools. I have my Cranium, but the other people here seem to have other ideas about what protects their devices the  best.

Lots of professionals don't bother with protection for computers, even the ones that cost up to 10x more than a Chromebook. I'm sure they at least have cases with some protection built in, maybe even inside backpacks. I just toss my chromebook with Cranium into anyplace next to anything.

More than likely, these people have been issued laptops that are not all the great, so it's a bit like when the person with the old roof hopes for a hail storm Since I actually like my $150 Chromebook, I'm not treating it like a disposable computer.

I see some of the plastic covers, and I totally understand. These will work at least one time, and they are light. $20 for cheap plastic protection isn't too bad.

I have my Cranium. The people around me call it my whiteboard. That's fine. My Chromebook's not breaking anytime soon with this whiteboard attached. And I can write little messages on it as a tiny display board.

Soft Cases
I know, schools like these. Kids don't, and it's obvious adults don't, either. The cases work if the computers stay inside, but when the cases are not cool enough, then that's that.

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