Friday, March 10, 2017

The Only Fitted Chromebook Case That Can be Reused / Upcycled / Recycled

We've seen many Chromebook covers and cases, but what happens AFTER your Chromebooks are done being used? After five years, the useful life of a Chromebook comes to an end, but then you have all the cases or covers left that ONLY fit that Chromebook. Soft carrying cases aside, what about all those fitted covers and cases? Wouldn't it be nice if those could be reused, recycled, or upcycled?

Most fitted Chromebook cases or covers are made for one device. They snap on and have a snug fit. They cannot be reused for other devices, so that means they are simply trash. Maybe they're made from plastic that your local garbage collection service can recycle. But that's it.

The Cranium is a custom-fit, permanent Chromebook Case that protects your Chromebook with PVC and aluminum rather than plastic. This makes it more difficult to recycle, perhaps, but it makes the cover usable in other ways after the Chromebook has been sent to Sugarcoding Mountain. Have your Green Team at school work on taking the Craniums off the devices, and then the reuse of the Craniums can begin.

Because the Craniums are whiteboards, and mine is better than the one I had at school for wiping clean, these can be reused as personal whiteboards in the classroom. You could also use them to make a wall of them in the hall. Put magnets on them and use them inside or outside of lockers (or on blackboards). I know word walls are big, so these can be used for that, too. Drill a little hole in each and stick them up on bulletin boards. Use them as days of the monthly calendar. Put student names on them for things like group work or "volunteer" of the day.

Honestly, I once got a bunch of magnets from a contest and put white paper and then contact paper over them in order to create something as useful as the Craniums will be as soon as the Chromebooks give up the ghost. Sure, it might take a little effort to release the Craniums from the Chromebooks, but it will be for a great cause. However, you first have to order the Craniums for your district and use them for five years. Contact Educabana for more information. 

Cranium Chromebook cover

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