Thursday, March 9, 2017

GMYLE Hard Case Cover for Samsung Series 3 Chromebook

This is a 3 in 1 bundle that includes a hard case cover, keyboard cover, and screen protector. This GMYLE product stresses its fun colors, not its hard case's ability to protect the unit, other than saying the hard case is thin. The screen cover will perform like one you use on your mobile phone. The keyboard cover is silicon.

Reviews are a bit mixed on the GMYLE. According to several reviews, it's difficult to snap together or the snap may even break while being attached.
Some of the snap on closures that are supposed to grip onto my computer, damage it or don't work. The clampers near the bottom on the front don't really close all the time

One reviewer noted that the case might irritate your wrists:
I'm not using it anyway due to the way it irritates my wrists when typing.
The photos do show that the case comes all the way around at the bottom, so test your wrist position before purchasing.

Regarding the "hard case," one reviewer noted that it was not very protective. However, the cracks noted may have saved the Chromebook itself, so keep that in mind.
Not that durable or protective. It cracked in first couple weeks with light use by our kids. 

Some reviewers noted that the silicon felt weird or that the screen plastic was difficult to line up, but that's standard for both of these parts of the package. Also note that this is made for a series 3 Chromebook, not a Chromebook 3. Make sure you order the right case for your Chromebook, and ask questions before ordering if it's a concern. This GMYLE product is only compatible with the XE303C12 device.

Because of the mixed reviews for this product, the fact that the description focuses on color as much as function, and the fact that the case is not going to offer the real protection many readers will want, we cannot fully recommend the product. However, since Chromebooks are relatively strong on their own, if you really want a colorful version of one, this hits all the marks.

GMYLE 3 in 1 Bundle Turquoise blue Hard Case Cover, Silicone Keyboard Cover(US Layout), Screen Protector for Samsung Chromebook Series 3 11.6 inch (XE303C12)

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