Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chromebooks With Cases Saving Millions of Dollars? Yes

Let's say your school district wants to go 1:1. It's the cool thing to do, and maybe you have the money to do it now. There's a hidden problem that a lot of schools brush off until it's too late: repair costs. This article talks about Derby Schools and their repair issues. That school district had two main problems, and those were using Macs and breaking those Macs. We have a solution that will work wonders for your school district.

Buy Chromebooks

The first answer is to purchase Chromebooks. Initially, you may be slightly underwhelmed with what they can do compared to real laptops or Macs. Get over it. I have several jobs, and most of what I do is online. Therefore, most of what I can do can be done with a Chromebook. Writing this article, creating content for other websites, organizing photos or videos for clients, creating school lessons to be sold, and more. Granted, I cannot edit the photos or videos as well, so I still have a desktop, and that machine also helps me if I need my Google Docs as a properly-formatted Word Document. That's why I'd say each teacher or department should have a desktop, or you might still need a lab with some higher-end computers. But for everyday tasks, these Chromebooks are fine.

Don't overbuy the Chromebooks, too. I have a $150 unit. It's just fine. My wife just did a job interview on Hangouts, and it was our choice over a more expensive desktop or smartphone. My kids like it better than their tablets because they can actually type. Cheap Chromebooks for everyone.

Get a Cover or Case (or Both)

The article linked above mentions the breakage rates of Chromebooks. Yours will vary, and the costs ARE much lower to repair than other devices, but they will break. Insurance companies make money, so don't use those. They make money because they know breakage rates, charge more than enough to cover them, and then even often charge a deductible.

Avoid insurance plans and use a cover, case, or combination. For about $30 per Chromebook, you could have a cheap soft case and a Cranium hard case. With the Cranium, you get the added benefit of a whiteboard, which is why we recommend it.

Pay Less Over Time

Using a case or cover will save you money over the five year lifespan of the Chromebooks, but maybe not in the first year. School districts using Craniums have reduced breakage rates enough to pay the accessories off in a year. If you get the soft case too, it might take 2-3 years to pay for the investment, but the Craniums and soft cases will also outlive your Chromebooks, so you can reuse them.

Don't wait until your first year's repair bill to find the cases you need for your Chromebooks. At least outfit half with cases, and then figure out if the other half need them.

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