Monday, March 6, 2017

Why We Use Chromebook Covers or Cases

Chromebooks are not all that expensive. The one I'm using right now cost me $150, and it works fine for what I tend to do online. So why should I bother with a case or cover? It's really the same reason why you would get one for your smartphone: because your Chromebook will break. At $150, maybe that's not a huge deal, but if I can pay another $20 to make sure it doesn't break, then I'm game.

This website will attempt to help you decide which Chromebook cover or case will make the most sense for you. I have experience as a classroom teacher and as a business owner using Chromebooks with various cases and covers, so it's from that experience that I will attempt to give you advice on what might be the best choice for you.

We'll look at different Chromebook models and several types of covers, cases, and protectors for each. We'll also address Chromebook issues, implementation, tricks, and news. But we'll focus on cases and covers.

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